Monday, July 21, 2008

Blue Angels, Take Two

After Mother Nature had better ideas on Saturday for the Blue Angels, they rescheduled for Sunday on what turned out to be a pretty perfect day for it. The beach (and traffic to it!) was MUCH MUCH less crowded.

I am now going to attempt to put up some videos I took with my dinky little digital camera, who knows if this will come out right? I'll pretend like they will! They're only like 10 seconds a piece or so.

This first one is a fly-over with 4 planes with 2 of them upside down. The best part of these videos is the sounds they make

This second video, which I started late and ended too early is where a plane flies VERY close to the water, it makes a ripple affect (not seen here!) But you can hear Scott and Matt pointing it out.

And this last one is of the 6 planes coming towards us from over the water and it kinda looks like fireworks in the distance. I'm actually surprised that I was able to keep a plane in the picture the whole time, I really couldn't see anything because of the sun! And make sure you stay tuned for my brief yet inspiring commentary at the end of this video...

L->R (Ryan, Anne, Haley, Matt, Scott's head, me)

They all missed it!

Somehow I still managed to get sunburnt...must've been the "flaming" chair

Me taking a picture of Matt taking a picture of Fat Albert (the name of the plan)

And a few of Blue Angels pictures:

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