Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Why I'm Dumb (Part 294)

Last week I broke one of my precious Sweetwater glasses (I believe this would've been #39) on my kitchen floor. I had a bunch of stuff in my hands, thought I was putting the glass on the counter...and missed. Oops! I swept up all the pieces of glass. Or so I thought. On Saturday I felt something sharp on my foot...without thinking, I wiped it off on my other foot. Ooops! Glass! Blood! Gross! Ouch! Your foot is never a good place to cut yourself. I'll survive. Scott managed to sleep through the girlish screams.

Last night I stepped on ANOTHER piece of glass. On top of that, I found a piece of glass on my couch! What the hell? So, I finally decided it was time to invest in a mop and some other cleaning supplies. I still had some Target gift cards leftover from my housewarming party (still working on those thank you cards by the way!!!!). I go to Target at lunch, ASS-U-ME-ING that the cards were still in my wallet. I get to the register...$48.53 please. (Why does that always happen to me a Target? They have way too much of my money). I open up my wallet, in search of a gift card...NOTHING. Damnit!

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