Monday, February 18, 2008

Green Day Reborn????

Most of you probably know that Green Day has been my favorite band since I first heard of them in 1994 (holy shit I'm old! I was a freshman in college!!!!!! 18 years ago!!!!!!)

Ok, that took a sudden turn for the worse. Must focus...

The last couple of years, I've used the internet to learn about new music. I've found a website (of course its blocked at work so i can't find it right now) that shows the top 40 (or so) most played songs on "alternative" radio. This list seems pretty constant with music I like, so once a month or so I go through it and make sure all of those songs are on my j-pod (with the exception of put-me-to-sleep Jack Johnson type songs). So this is how I learned of a band called Foxboro Hot Tubs. I listened to song once, without knowing who it was and I just assumed it was a Green Day song. I know that they're working on a new album, but it's not supposed to be released until July. Seems weird to have a new song debut almost 5 months before the album comes out, but I was excited. I found out it's not actually Green Day. Wikipedia, here I come! Turns out nothing is official, but it says this:

While the band's history is, as yet, unknown, they are believed to be comprised
of the members of Green Day who are, according to rumors, performing "garage"
music under a nom de plume.

Interesting. You can download music from the bands' website for free, but of course...blocked at work. Actually, the website isn't blocked, just when you actually try and download a song...DENIED! Oh well, I can wait a few hours til I get home. But I'm very excited to hear the rest of these songs. And Billy Joe (lead singer) says he's got about 45 songs written for the new album. Holy crap!!!!!!

EDIT - apparently 1994 was only 14 years ago...thanks Stacey! :)

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