Saturday, August 12, 2006

Why to never EVER give money to the homeless

This is a (queue Real World theme music) true story (end music) that happened to someone who sorta knows someone I know.

Alright, so my friend Sherry (name has been changed to protect the innoncent, but it still rhymes. No one can possibly crack this one) has a 2nd date with this guy (we'll call him Bob, which may or may not rhyme, I don't actually remember his name). On his way to picking her up, Bob stops and gets gas (girls don't like guys who dont have gas). At the gas station, a wheelchaired legless homeless guy comes up to him and asks for money. Dude gives the homeless guy $5. (I was once duped into giving a homeless guy that much money at the CNN Center, but that story's for another day). If I was that homeless guy (and if I had legs) I'd do cartwheels. But instead the homeless guy reaches to shake Bob's hand, and presumes to STAB Bob with some sort of needle!!!! Half hour or so later, Bob's hand goes numb and goes to the hospital (luckily it wasn't Grady or they probably would've cut off HIS legs or something). Long story short, Bob had to get all kinds of shots, and an AIDS test! He has to wait 30 days or so to find out if he's got AIDS! AIDS! He gave the dude 5 DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ever since I first heard this story a few weeks ago, I have lost whatever sympathy I have ever had for homeless people (which, admitably, wasn't much). I had one trying to get my attention the other day -also in a wheelchair - and I swear I almost lost it. I will never understand why these people cant find something better to do.

"Sherry" - if you've got any updates, let me know, or if I missed any good details...let me know too!

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