Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Moving Sucks (2006 version)

First, before I begin my rant, a big thanks to:
Shari, Janice, Jeremy, Joe, Kim, Ric, Tracy, PK and Cintron!!!!! You guys made it a hell of alot better than last time!
Now for the rant. Whats better than waking up at 6:30am on the day you're moving to a HUGE thunderstorm!!! You have GOT to be kidding me right? Well, I went back to sleep and thankfully the storm was gone and not a problem at all. But it definitely provided me with quite a scare. So I go to pick my truck up at UHaul...and apparently I because some girls' bitch!!! I asked to use a couple of those blankets to protect furniture. She says they're $1 each, but there are "a few" in the truck and she'll let me use them for free if I just fold them before returning the truck. So I think thats the greatest deal ever, us jews like free shit! I leave with the truck. When we're about to start loading it, I see why she offered me this deal. There were about 25 damn blankets in there!!!!!!!!!! In the end...I used 1. 1 lousy blanket, I saved $1. At midnight when I was dropping off the truck, I sat in the parking lot folding those damn things. ONE DOLLAR!!!!!!!! What a lazy bitch that chick is!
In the end, the move was not nearly that bad. The only casualty was about 3 broken glasses, which I'm pretty sure were 3 that I've "accidentally" walked out of local bars when they've somehow managed to find their way into my pocket or something. I guess thats Karma.
So, June 30, 2007....who wants to help me move? :)

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