Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Incredibly Useful Health Tips of the Day

I've been trying to spread the word on two very important topics for a while now and finally realized that this may be a good place to really get the word out.

First topic...hiccups.

We all get em (I think?) Ok, so I assume we all get em? Maybe there are some people out there without a diaphragm? I don't know. Apparently some dude - Charles Osborne - had the hiccups for 68 years. How do you sleep? Why didn't anyone try and scare him? Or drink a glass of water upside down? Or hold his breath? Why?????

So, here's my trick to ridding yourself of the hiccups. Ready? PEANUT BUTTER. It's never failed. Next time you get the hiccups, go get a spoonful of peanut butter (I've found that creamy works better than crunchy - sorry Lauren, I've stolen a spoonful every once in a while, now you know why!). Although not as much fun as watching a dog eat peanut butter, curing the hiccups may be the 2nd best reason peanut butter was invented.

Now for health tip of the day #2.


That's right, I'm gonna try and talk you into flossing. I was never a flosser, this is how a typical conversation went:
Dentist - "do you floss regularly"
J - "yes...once every 6 months"
For some reason they never find that as funny as I do. But one time I had a dentist determined to talk me into flossing. And it worked. He flossed my teeth, then here's how it went down:
Dentist - "I know how to make you floss"
J - "Really?"
Dentist - "I'm gonna floss your teeth and then I'll show
J - "ok"
Dentist - after flossing..."smell this"
J - "OMG! Gross! That smells like ASS!"
Dentist - "so you're gonna floss now?"
J - "Yes!!!!"
So next time you're brushing your teeth, go floss real quick and give it a sniff. That's a part of what your breath smells like!!!!

I was reminded of this today at lunch, I had corn on the cob. It was all stuck up in my teeth, so I did some quick flossing at lunch just at my desk. A few minutes later, I got a sniff of my flossing finger and there it was. ASS!!!!!

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K said...

WOW! All dentists should take that approach! Oh and calling it ASS Floss is another great option...isn't that what a thong is?