Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Meeting Ray Bourque

So last night the Atlanta Thrashers were playing the Washington Capitals. It happened to be the debut of Chris Bourque, son of NHL Hall of Famer Ray Bourque.

I know alot of you aren't hockey experts, here's what Wikipedia has to say about him:

Raymond Jean Bourque (born December 28, 1960 in Saint-Laurent, Quebec, now a
district of Montreal) is a Hockey Hall of Famer who currently holds the records
for most goals, assists and points by a defenseman in the National Hockey League
(NHL) and has become near-synonymous with the Boston Bruins. He played for the
Bruins and Colorado Avalanche. Finally, on June 9, 2001, after 22 seasons, the
Avalanche—and Bourque—won the Stanley Cup, in what proved to be Bourque's final
game as a player. He had waited longer to win his first Cup than any other
Cup-winning player had in the 108-year history of Stanley Cup play.

Ok, so now you know he was a superstar. He was at last night's game since it was his son's NHL debut. He also just happened to be sitting in the same row as my friend Erica. So she texted me, "We are sitting next to Ray Borg". I had no idea who she was talking about until I said it out loud (seriously, try it!). Then when I cracked her spelling problems, I decided my gameplan. I picked up a free program, and snuck into their section. Borrowed a pen from a girl sitting in front of them and made my move.

I said, "excuse me sir, sorry to bother you, but I was your son by any chance making his NHL debut tonight?". (clever, huh?). He said yeah, I said I was how great that was and I asked him if he would mind giving me his autograph and taking a picture. He paused, I was scared for a second, then he said "Not at all". i opened the program up to the page with the Capitals roster...unfortunately it wasn't updated with Chris Bourque's name yet, but I had him sign that page anyways. Then took a picture. I told him I was a huge fan and it was an honor meeting him, all that stuff, and wished his son the best of luck. 7 minutes later Chris took his first ever NHL penalty.