Friday, October 19, 2007

My wonderful sister and her fiance - who is "ok" too

Just playin Brian.

I thought I'd share this little article or whatever you'd call it that was in today's Washington Post [Express]. I put the "touching" part in blue. Thanks guys ;)

Brian Cooper, Kim Zaikov

Brian, 29, is a sales professional. Kim, 28, is an audit manager. They live in Cleveland Park. [Washington DC]

The Main Event: A traditional Jewish ceremony on Nov. 17 in Bethesda, MD.

How They Met: Sipping drinks at Tony and Joe's at the Georgetown Waterfront. "Brian commented on my Blue Curacao drink, so I offered him some," says Kim. "He responded, "I don't take drinks from strangers!"

First Date: They disagree on this point: "Dinner at Rio Grande," says Brian. "Hanging out on July Fourth," counters Kim.

How He Proposed: Before popping the question, Brian made Kim breakfast in bed, then served Blue [Power]ade as a reminder of how they met.

When They Knew: "Kim helped me paint my condo," says Brian. Kim says it was "after Brian spent the weekend with my family and survived."

Their Song: The Fray's "How to Save a Life." "We got it from watching 'Grey's Anatomy'" admits Brian. "Yes we watch the show."

Most Hated Clothing Item: "Brian has running pants covered in paint that could mysteriously disappear."

Making it Unique: In lieu of favors, the couple will be making a donation to Emory University's Eye Center. Kim's brother was diagnosed with eye cancer a year ago and was treated and cured at Emory.

With an Infinite Budget: "We'd have dueling pianos at the cocktail hour."

Weird Family Traditions: "Brian's family has a strange obsession with Wilt Chamberlin, so Wilt winds up photoshopped into many pictures," explains Kim.


Kim said...

thanks for posting a picture of me with teeth!

Brian said...

Uh Orioles hat at Fenway? I hope no Boston fan reads this.

Tara said...

Ok, this is really weird, but I went to high school with Brian and saw this *very* article in the paper yesterday. Could you help me get in touch with him? Shoot him an email with my contact info? Or perhaps just send a link to this comment. I would be mighty appreciative...

Tara Kelly