Saturday, June 3, 2006

Vickie takes one on the noggin :(

Important note for those not in the know
  • Vickie = my car
  • noggin = head. Or in car terms...bumper

Driving to work Thursday morning, I'm pulling out of my apartment complex to turn left. A car is currently in the middle turning lane about to turn left INTO the complex. A gap in the traffic makes me think this car is about to go ahead and pull into the complex. Of course not! But I made the mistake of assuming she would go ahead and go. She did I'm slamming on my brakes and now blocking the left lane of traffic trying to get into the middle turn lane. So fault.

Here comes the inexplicable part - and I wish I could draw a picture or something to show exactly how inexplicable this was. The car in the turning lane was about 3 feet in front of me, just enough space where I can't go anywhere. And I'm sitting diagonal waiting for her to move so I can get in behind her. So...what is the absolute LAST thing you would expect this car in front of me to do? (I'll give you some time)

Thats right - she BACKED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I honked....she backed right into me. Put a nice footlong scratch on my car's front bumper. Awesome, great. Just what I needed. So finally she pulls ahead, I get behind her, we get out and talk about it. I'm still somewhat confused and did feel partly at fault because I assumed (and we all know what that leads to...and it DID!) she was gonna turn, and then I blocked a full lane of traffic. Fine. So I decided we didn't need to do anything about this, we should just go ahead and go. She did tell me she actually worked in my apartment complex leasing office. Coincidentally enough, she is the same lady who the very day before, I filled out paperwork for saying I was moving out!!!!!!! So maybe this is something telling me I shouldn't move????

I don't know, but I really need to get my bumper least her car got the worst of it! Good girl, Vickie!!!!

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