Sunday, April 30, 2006

Just Another Friday night at the Waffle House

So there we were, Friday night, around 2am, where can you get some good late night grub in the ATL? Waffle House! Of course, when you go to Waffle House you get more than mouth watering delicious food, you get entertainment. It never fails. But nothing, and I mean NOTHING can possibly live up to this past Friday night at the waffle house.

So lets set this up. I went to the Braves-Mets game Friday, and for the first time I think EVER, my Mets won (last year the Braves won all 6 times I saw them play the Mets) so it was a big deal. After the game (and after a very entertaining ride back - how's that hangover, PK?) I did what anyone would be jealous of doing on a Friday night...I had my friend Jeremy come by to try and get rid of a virus from my computer!

Anyways, about 1:30am we needed a break - and some food. Waffle House was the obvious pick, but we had no idea just how much entertainment would follow us...

So we get to Waffle House and pick our seat, the first thing I notice was this really old guy in a bright purple shirt and cowboy hat. Right behind him was the perfect table of drunkeness. There was a dude (later I would learn he's from Tallahassee...ughhhh!) with 2 girls. One of the girls obviously forgot a few articles of clothing on her way out that night. Her goods were jumping all over the place...and, as typical guys, we stared, they were definitely worthy of it! Even through the reflection in the window, it was too easy - Waffle House does a good job of keeping their windows clean!. But, I digress. At some point the guy she was sitting with was on his phone and seemed pissed and hung up on someone. Maybe 10 minutes later a car pulls up outside and stops in the middle of the parking lot. A guy gets out and walks in and slams his hands down on the table where the boobs and the pissed off guy were sitting. Pissed off guy takes a swing at the guy (later we would also learn that these two were "best friends"). It was now that the waffle house crew tells them to take it outside...and they DID!!!!!! These two guys went at it for a while outside. Nothing too exciting, alot of rolling around on the ground outside wrestling. While this is going on, another sketchy looking guy comes in and immediately comes over to me and says he loves the Mets - I had my Mets jersey on - although he was wearing a Washington Nationals hat...odd. Anyways, not a minute later, this washington dude is outside trying to break up the fight. Whats the best way to break up a pretty uneventful fight? Where would pulling a gun out rank? Yep...this dude pulled a gun from his pants and fired 3 shots in the air and put the gun right back tucked into his pants like it was no big thing. Meanwhile all of us inside waffle house are sitting there watching as if its an episode of 24 or something. I'm pretty sure its this point where the cops were called. The fight kinda took a few minutes off then and everyone outside left...including our gunman. A few minutes later they started wrestling around again, nothing good really. But, eventually they took their wrestling match elsewhere. Lucky for them, they escaped a good 30 minutes or so before any cop showed up. Gotta love the new found Sandy Springs PD!

As if that wasn't enough for one night, a new set of three come in and sit at the same exact table as our original entertainment. This time we had a VERY drunk girl, a fat friend (all the hot ones have em) and a guy with them. This guy couldn't have possibly wanted to be there any less. Drunk girl kept wanted to come over and sit at our table. But her friend wouldn't let her move, so instead, the two of them started making out...more than once...right in the middle of waffle house still. Awesome.

It took alot to actually leave that place. Its like you're actually at a taping of a Jerry Springer show. Its really hard to look away! But, alas...we left...and about 20 hours later my computer is virus free!!!!!

I know that someone, somewhere out there has a waffle house story that can top that, and I'd love to hear about it!!!!

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